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About Us

The InBalance checking account management education program was developed by BALANCE, a financial fitness program. A proactive, comprehensive, financial education and counseling service, BALANCE partners with credit unions nationwide to help reduce losses, develop stronger member relationships, and support the industry-wide mission of education. A core value of BALANCE is to stay abreast of trends and issues within the credit union industry and to use our resources to provide services that meet emerging needs.

Mission Statement

To provide education services that enable previously unbanked consumers to establish and maintain a positive and lifelong relationship with their credit union



InBalance is a turnkey checking account management education program used to provide a second chance to members with past problems, and as a tool to bring the underserved and unbanked into the financial mainstream. Users learn at their own pace and demonstrate their understanding by completing a comprehensive test. You are notified with the names of program graduates - people now fully prepared for the responsibility of a checking account. Printed versions of the course material are available for members without internet access, or for group education programs.

InBalance provides the tools your members need to be successful - and can provide your credit union increased membership and business opportunities. Whether to lend a helping hand to the underserved in your community, support your mission of education, increase your membership, develop and maintain more positive relationships with SEGs, or differentiate your credit union socially and politically from banks, providing education and a second chance to individuals and families who will otherwise fall prey to the vicious cycle of check cashing establishments and other similarly predatory financial organizations is simply the right thing to do.

For more information, please contact Jeannine Moore, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at 800.808.4327 x 124, or email jmoore@balancepro.org.

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